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Interstellar Partners

Partnership Types

Technology Channel Resellers (TCR)

The Technology Channel Resellers have end-to-end understanding of the Interstellar solution, product offering and services. They accelerate growth and also enjoy full partnership support from Interstellar and its partners.

DApp (Decentralized Application) Solution Developer (DSD)

We are fully aware of how innovation is a collective effort. We have an extremely robust team of developer partners that co-innovate and enjoy the key benefits that come with an Interstellar partnership.

Enterprise Service Providers (ESP)

Our large, medium and small organizations can enjoy the full benefits of a customized partnership that takes advantage of the benefits of our technology competencies, speed of going to market, seamless operations, service discounts and much more enterprise curated incentives.

Technology System Integrators (TSI)

We are fully aware of the rate at which small to medium start-ups require a ready-to-use blockchain technology solution. This accelerates the organization’s go-to-market. We have provided a well documented process to help interested organization with a few simple steps become TSI partners.

Become a partner

As an Interstellar partner, we ensure the benefits are clearly achievable. These include:
  • Technology Competencies
  • Tailored Discounts
  • Customized Marketing
  • Partner Rebates
  • Partner Rewards

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