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Interstellar Inc. Enters Strategic Partnership with Interswitch Group to Develop Blockchain-powered Infrastructure Services and Solutions.

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Interswitch partners with Interstellar to develop Blockchain-powered Infrastructure Services and Solutions

Africa's first Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure Services organization, signs a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Africa’s first Fintech Unicorn to develop Blockchain-powered Infrastructure Services and Solutions.

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Nigeria: How Bitt Emerged CBN’s Technical Partner on Digital Currency

According to a document seen by THISDAY, Bitt came tops with an average score of 82.3 per cent. The scores for the top five bidders were: Bitt- 82.3 per cent; Interstellar – 76.9 per cent; Zimbali- 76.4 per cent; G+D – 76.3 per cent; and EmTech -66.4

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Africa's leading blockchain infrastructure seeks to spearhead the tokenization of the rich natural resources of the continent

Interstellar is one of the major 3rd Partners for the Bantu Blockchain. Interstellar already have championed critical African projects for companies like Interswitch.

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Stellar Community Fund Winner

Interstellar is among the winners announced for the 5th Round of the Stellar Communuty Fund in August 2020

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Stellar’s Plan to Win Global Payments: Play Nice With the Finance Cops

Ernest Mbenkum, founder and CEO of Interstellar, holds out hope. “Governments, they can’t resist it forever,” he said. “At the same time, they are going to want to be able to control it. It’s an interesting dance.”

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Why 2019 Could Be A Stellar Year

As other projects struggle on life-support, a Cameroon-based development team has bolstered crypto asset swaps, making the sky the limit for orders. It’s a fitting close to a year that has already seen several successful Stellar launches, while competitors burned up in the atmosphere.

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Stellar DEX-Based Exchange And Wallet Provides Seamless USD, GBP, And EURO Accessibility

“Our goal is to unleash crypto’s real-world potential, and this partnership with Interstellar is the first of many steps in not just bringing the White Standard stable coins to the masses, while increasing the ease for consumers to purchase Stellar lumens (XLM) with USD, GBP, and the Euro,” according to Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company.

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Interstellar crypto exchange sets its sights on the stars

Interstellar v2.0 introduces new features, including semi-automatic asset/token verification, price conversions for any token into all major fiat currencies, and a new set of desktop applications for increased security of a user’s assets.

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Stellar Build Challenge Winner

Interstellar is among the winners announced for the 5th Stellar Build Challenge in March 2018

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